Adelaide Trauma Centre is a group of South Australian therapists who have come together to form an integrated trauma centre, inspired by the groundbreaking work of the Boston Trauma Centre, USA.

Our group have a variety of therapeutic and professional backgrounds — social work, psychology, psychotherapy, couple & family therapy and yoga teaching. What we have in common is a therapeutic approach that prioritises relational and somatic healing processes and focuses on the whole person in their life context.

We offer counselling, therapy services, and Yoga therapy in the Adelaide CBD, Parkside and Blackwood.

For Practitioners we hold regular workshops and  free Community of Practice events . We also offer supervision and consultation.

Our purpose:

  • To promote and encourage a wider understanding of, and improved access to, body inclusive, relational, and integrated approaches to trauma in the general community
  • To promote,  support, and encourage the use of body inclusive, relational, and integrated approaches to trauma therapy by the members of the association in their clinical work.
  • To promote and encourage a wider understanding of body inclusive, relational, and integrated approaches to trauma in the medical and allied health community through education, training, and supervision.

Our therapeutic approach:

At the Adelaide Trauma Centre, we have a shared commitment to offer therapy that is compassionate, attuned, holistic, and safe. We hold a priority to make the best possible care available to treat trauma here in Adelaide.

We seek to maintain a stance of collaboration with our clients – allowing space for shared discovery of the unknown and undefined. We want people to experience trust and safety in their sessions with us

We focus on empowerment and cooperative self-determination for individuals and groups.

We see people as more than the component parts of thoughts, emotions, and behavior -but conceptualise the individual as a system capable of being impacted by their environment, relationships, and adversity. We seek to provide an approach that incorporates understandings of the impact of trauma on the nervous system and wider body system and we incorporate working with these systems in therapy.

Seeing beyond symptom management we are seeking to support hope, healing, and personal growth for our clients. We seek to support a renewed sense of purpose for individuals’ future, and a renewed or more positive sense of themselves and their capacities.

We value continued learning and development- seeking out the best training that we can find around the world and seeking to make it accessible to locals through our practice. Beyond this, we also place a high value on our own individual self-growth as individuals and professionals.