Trauma Sensitive Yoga invites people into a safe, predictable and non-judgmental space to help find peace in the present moment. People will develop an awareness of, and begin to experience their bodies in new ways so that they can gain acceptance and a more compassionate relationship with their bodies. This then enables them to befriend, reclaim and feel safe in their bodies so that they can explore the interaction between their mind and their body.

The effects of trauma whether from childhood abuse and/or, neglect, ignorance, assault, disaster, accident, injury, disease, illness or disability causes feelings of shock, pain, sadness and guilt. This then becomes locked in the body, causing unresolved stress and trauma with survivors becoming disconnected from, and untrusting of their bodies.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga helps to unlock pain in a sensitive, supportive way, using especially chosen physical postures, breathing techniques and Yoga Psychology. It helps identify triggers, and face, accept and bear the effects of the trauma. It aids in increasing mental clarity, concentration and steadier emotions. It is not contorting the body into unattainable positions and people will work at their own capacity.

Yoga is stillness. Yoga is “the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind” (Patanjali). It helps us find the still point within, to acknowledge, forgive and accept the self with compassion and to be able to move through the effects of trauma.

Yoga is union. Yoga integrates the mind and the body. Yoga integrates the physical, emotional and spiritual. It helps integration of personal, environmental and community.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Maxine Longford who is a:

  • Yoga Teacher in The Tradition of Professor T. Krishnamacharya (Chenai, India), having graduated from Agama Yoga Centre (Melbourne)
  • Senior Teacher, Yoga Australia
  • Full Teaching Member of the International Yoga Teachers’ Association
  • State Representative on the National Committee of Yoga Australia.

After visiting India several years ago to research the effects of using Yoga and Meditation in trauma intervention, Maxine has integrated her studies in the field of counselling therapy with her studies in Yoga, to develop a comprehensive program to help people to address the effects of trauma. Using Yoga Psychology and Mindfulness participants can experience the positive effects on their mind/body, whether experiencing mild bouts of stress, through to anxiety, depression and effects of major issues of trauma.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga sessions and workshops with Maxine Longford

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