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The wounds sustained early in life from traumatising relationships with important caregivers reverberate throughout adulthood. Frequently this results in intractable difficulties navigating intimate relationships, in particular in managing the emotional demands of parenthood. Having a clear understanding of both the core relational wounds and the adaptations people make to manage these wounds can support psychotherapists in effectively disrupting intergenerational cycles of relational trauma, neglect and abuse: through their work with parents and children in dyadic psychotherapies or with adults in individual psychotherapy.

Drawing on attachment theory, ethology, and trauma theories, Jackie will familiarise participants with a comprehensive model of intergenerational trauma, exploring the mechanisms underpinning three types of trauma: relational trauma, acute episodic abuse and the chronic and unpleasant hostility and helplessness that often characterises these traumatising relationships. The models propose that ‘terrified shame without solution’ from infancy, is the central and enduring problem, to which infants and children must adapt. Jackie will explore how we can understand acute episodic abuse and chronic lower level hostility as biologically driven, creative adaptations to the greater problem of ‘terrified shame without solution’. Jackie will also propose a novel hypothesis; that the formation of dominance and submission hierarchies provides a stable solution for these early relational difficulties.

In the second part of the workshop Jackie will discuss the theoretically predicted objectives of any effective therapy for these families and individuals and their practical application in the therapy room: with individuals and dyads.There will be opportunities for participants to discuss the ideas that emerge from the theory, and consider the implications for resolving clinical dilemmas.


Dr Jackie Amos is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and Gestalt psychotherapist. Jackie works psychotherapeutically with severely distressed families, where abuse and neglect of children is a central concern. She works at Centacare in the Children’s Services Units and supporting the therapeutic aspects of their work with these vulnerable families. In her doctoral research, Jackie developed two complementary models of the intergenerational transmission of neglect and abuse and the role of trauma in maintaining relationship difficulties. These models were then used to understand the key objectives of treatment for families where the care and protection of the children is compromised, and to consider the mechanism of action of a novel psychotherapy, Parallel Parent and Child Therapy (P-PACT) for these families.

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