Fees & Rebates | Accessing a Mental Health Care Plan


Are you eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan?

Many psychologists, social workers and mental health nurses who work in private practice are registered with Medicare.

This means that if your GP considers it appropriate to prepare a Mental Health Care Plan, you will receive up to 10 counselling sessions a year (initially 6 sessions with the opportunity to access 4 more after a review) for which you can claim a Medicare rebate.

Your GP will need to conduct a Mental Health Assessment with you. This is a brief report on your medical history and the main issues for which you are seeking psychological services (it is advisable to let the receptionist know that you are booking in for a Mental Health Assessment, as this usually requires a long consultation).

Your GP will initially authorise 6 counselling / therapy sessions and will review your case once these are completed. They will then decide whether to authorise a further 4 sessions. You will then receive a rebate of $75 -$85 from Medicare for each session.

For your first counselling session you will need to bring your Mental Health Care Plan.

If you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan and also have Health Benefits cover that includes Psychology you cannot claim both rebates for the same session.

For more information visit Medicare Rebates for Mental Health Care Services Provided by Psychologists.