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John Briere | Director, USC Adolescent Trauma Training Center

Peter A. Levine | Trauma Therapy Training

Pat Ogden | Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

Babette Rothschild | Somatic Trauma Therapy

Bessel van der Kolk | Trauma Center, Boston USA

Jennifer Reis Divine | Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Deep Transformational Rest

David Whyte Poetry | Language against which we have no defences.

Johnella Bird  | The Hearts Narrative- Relational Narrative Orientation to Therapy


Ted Talk by Dr Andy Harkin
Mind the Gap: Moving From Brain to Body Dr. Andy Harkin TEDxBunbury
Published on 22 Apr 2016

This TED talk by Dr Andy Harkin explores the importance of reclaiming a sense of health and a sense of belonging in the body. Andy talks about a sense of health and a sense of belonging in the body, as a birthright. At ATC we are drawn to these ideas presented in Andy’s talk and we hope you enjoy it. The link below takes you to the TED Talk and a brief description of Dr Andy Harkin’s engagement with body sensitive trauma therapy.

Levine Peter
Waking the Tiger Healing Trauma (1997)
Healing trauma—book and CD with exercises (2008)
Freedom from Pain (with Maggie Phillips) Two CD pack (2012)

Ogden Pat
Trauma and the Body NY WW.Norton (2006)

Rothschild Babette
The Body Remembers. The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment (2000)
The Body Remembers Casebook.  Unifying Methods and Models in the Treatment of Trauma and PTSD (2003)
Help for the helper (2006)
Eight keys to safe trauma therapy (2010)
Trauma Essentials The Go to guide (2011)

Phillips Maggie
Finding Energy to Heal (2000)

Dr Lesley Porter
PhD Thesis on Trauma therapy, the therapeutic relationship and therapist’s creative practices. 
Therapists crafting practices in trauma therapy: a relational and dialogical engagement with poiesis, self-discovery and transformation in the unnamed, poetic, sacred and spiritual moments of therapeutic relationships explores the way trauma therapist’s engage with unnamed moments of creativity and discovery in their therapeutic relationships and how through these unnamed moments they make their unique therapy practices and become authentic expressions of who they are in the world.

Download Thesis by Dr Lesley Porter

For more information contact Lesley Porter