On Monday 20 May we held our first networking and skill sharing session at Fullarton Park Community Centre. People braved the weather and joined us for an hour and a half session. It went really well and felt like a friendly and comfortable time together. We started with a mindfulness exercise bringing focus to the breath. I spoke briefly about Adelaide Trauma Centre’s ethic of support and our interest in gathering as a community of practice to support the trauma therapy work and body sensitive, mindful approaches.

What do we mean by an ethic of support? This idea comes from the way Johnella Bird speaks of acting on bringing to life our ethics in practice. It means we are supporting the sharing of ideas as a group of practitioners. We are interested in generative processes in therapy, having open dialogue about therapy practices as peers and the way we shape our body sensitive therapy practices within a community of support. ATC isn’t a business, although as individuals some of us are working in private practice. And so the community of practice has as it’s anchor points therapy and sensitively including the body into the work. We are also keen to hear people’s ideas and suggestions about the network meetings and the community of practice.

We then had a group round with people introducing themselves and speaking about their interests in trauma therapy and body sensitive approaches.

Krystie spoke about body tracking practice with an exercise. This was followed by asking people what they thought about the sessions: how was the structure? Were the exercises helpful and what would people like more or less of.

The next networking and skills sharing session will be Wednesday Tuesday 26 August at 5.30 to 7.30, with the first half an hour being a cuppa, nibbles and catch up time. From August on we will begin the session at 6.00 and will only introduce new members (rather than spending time doing another full group introduction as time is short).

We look forward to seeing you all then

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Our first networking and skill sharing session- Integrated approaches to trauma therapy

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