Call for applications to join the Adelaide Trauma Centre

Adelaide Trauma Centre is a group of South Australian therapists who have come together to form an integrated trauma centre. Our members have a variety of therapeutic and professional backgrounds — social work, psychology, psychotherapy, couple & family therapy and yoga teaching.
What we have in common is a therapeutic approach that prioritises relational and somatic healing processes and focuses on the whole person in their life context.

We aim to:

  • Increase knowledge about the usefulness of incorporating the body into trauma therapy.
  • Improve access to this therapy in the community.
  • Support interested health professionals to access training, supervision and a community of practice in relation to these ways of working.
  • Encourage the development and implementation of Trauma Informed Care and Practice in systems and practice settings.

We are a Not For Profit Incorporated Body and each of the current members has their own individual private practice. For Practitioners we host practice orientated training and provide regular free Community of Practice events.

The Adelaide Trauma Centre is expanding and would like to invite interested persons to apply to become a member. There are currently 2 membership’s spots available.

Those interested would need to:

  • Have a primarily relational orientation in their practice and focus on the whole person in their life context.
  • Have experience working 1:1 with complex trauma.
  • Have some training in or be committed to developing knowledge and skills in body-inclusive trauma therapy.
  • Be committed to practice in ways that both promote and celebrate diversity.
  • Commensurate practice ethics.
  • Have a Medicare provider number.
  • Have capacity to immediately accept referrals that come through the ATC website.
  • Be flexible – the ATC is dynamic and we want someone who will passionately ‘grow it’ with us.
  • Attend meetings and regularly volunteer time.
  • Be committed to the ethos of collaboration.
  • Be rigorous in maintaining integrity in relationships.

To apply please send your CV and an A4 page about yourself particularly as it relates to the above.
Please email applications to

Applications close Friday October 25th 2019.