Adelaide Trauma Centre would like to invite you to its next networking and skills sharing meeting on Wednesday Tuesday 26 August 5.30 to 7.30 at Fullarton Park Community Centre 411 Fullarton Rd Fullarton. We will be in the big room at the back. There is no charge.


The first half hour will be about having sa cuppa, delicious nibbles, catch ups and meeting new people. At 6pm promptly we will move into the next part of the evening with two short skill development exercises by ATC members.


Vina Hotich will be offering a chance to experiment with our felt sense of personal space and personal boundaries, in order to begin or deepen our embodied understanding of the effects of nearness and distance between others and ourselves. These are strategies we can use with clients to increase their sense of personal safety.


Maxine Longford will explore simple yoga tools to help our clients better accept, and be in the present moment, so as to begin to release and heal on a body level.  These tools can help clients develop a new awareness and more accepting relationship with their body, the interaction between their body and mind and deepen the flexibility of both.


The last part of the session will be devoted to time to talk about your work and ask about issues and practices.  If you have colleagues who would like to learn more about body-oriented approaches please invite them.


RSVP required for catering: Sue Hetzel

Networking & Skills Sharing Meeting 26th August

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