Do you have an interest in mindfulness meditation- have you heard about Breathwork’s courses Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress? Founded by Vidyamala Burch, Sona Fricker and Gary Hennesey, Breathworks has an 8 week program for people experiencing chronic pain, fatigue and stress. I’ve recently commenced the Breathworks teacher training and have found their compassionate and grounded approach to mindfulness and living with chronic pain and stress to be wonderfully grounded and inspiring. Definitely worth checking out.

This year Vidyamala’s new book Mindfulness for Women co-written with Claire Irvin has been released. It’s a wonderfully accessible book with a focus on ‘de-cluttering your life’, simplifying your life’ and finding time to just ‘be’. The book includes a CD with a series of guided meditations including: compassionate body scan, breathing anchor meditation, connection meditation, loving kindness meditation and an ice cream meditation.

It’s so good to see a mindfulness approach specifically designed for women and their busy lives.

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Vidyamala’s website is vidyamala-burch.com and http://breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk

Mindfulness for Women

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