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How to choose a Counsellor

In regard to recovery from the mental health, physical, emotional and spiritual effects of trauma, the old adage ‘time heals’ does not often apply, nor does time in itself reduce the intensity of flashbacks. If you are thinking about professional help, we suggest reading the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Once you are ready it’s important to choose a counsellor or therapist that’s right for you.


Finding the right Therapist

It’s useful to look around. Talk to your GP about trauma therapists that they would recommend or talk to friends and colleagues about their experiences. Read the Adelaide Trauma Centre Practitioner Profiles. Search online for Adelaide trauma therapists/counsellors .

Once you’ve found a Therapist that you think you could work with, call them to ask about their methods and approach to trauma work, experience, fees and other relevant information such as parking or transport options before you book in for a first session.

A good Therapist will answer all your questions and they will also ask some more information about your situation. If they feel unable to meet your needs they will refer you on.

You should always feel comfortable asking your counsellor/therapist any questions about what will be involved in therapy.


The cost involved

Many psychologists, social workers and mental health nurses who work in private practice are registered with Medicare. This means that if your GP considers it appropriate to prepare a Mental Health Care Plan, you will be eligible receive up to 10 counselling sessions a year (initially 6 sessions with the opportunity to access 4 more after a review) for which you can claim a Medicare rebate.

You will need to talk your GP about whether you are able to access a Mental Health Care Plan. Speak to the receptionist when booking your appointment as it may require a longer visit.

People with Health Benefits Extras cover that includes Psychology can claim a rebate from a session with a psychologist. It is not possible to claim both rebates for the same session.

Some private practitioners will negotiate the size of the gap payment depending on your income and many bulk bill clients who are on benefits or a pension. If the cost of the session is not obvious to you, remember to ask this when talking to your therapist/counsellor for the first time.

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