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Individual therapy

Individual therapy can involve counselling for a range of reasons. Counselling is often helpful when something traumatic, difficult or distressing is happening or when things feel overwhelming in life. Counselling is designed to be supportive and works with peoples’ strengths, knowledges and life experiences. Having the support and understanding of a professional counsellor opens up new possibilities and ways of thinking and feeling about problems and experiences.

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Yoga Therapy

Trauma Sensitive Yoga invites people into a safe, predictable and non-judgmental space to help find peace in the present moment.   People will develop an awareness of and begin to experience their bodies in new ways so that they can gain acceptance and a more compassionate relationship with their bodies.  This then enables them to befriend, reclaim and feel safe in their bodies so that they can further explore the interaction between their mind and body.

Maxine Longford, Yoga Teacher & Therapist offers Trauma Sensitive Yoga to help to unlock pain and support regulation in a sensitive, supportive way, using especially chosen physical postures and breathing techniques.

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