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Meet the Practitioners from the Adelaide Trauma Centre

Krystie EdwardsVina Grossmann | Maxine Longford |

Dr Lesley Porter | Nina Mekisic | Tracey Greaves

Krystie Edwards 

Krystie Edwards

I am a Clinical Social Worker and Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist. I have been providing therapeutic services in the community for 20 years. Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – a body inclusive developmentally based trauma therapy, are frameworks that shape how I work.

I am particularly interested in the relationship between the mind and body and how overwhelming experiences can affect us in ways that can’t be understood or processed through conversation alone. Incorporating the physical aspects of traumatic memories and symptoms into therapy allows me to support people to stabilise, process and heal traumatic experiences in a safe and regulated way. I am also interested in the way trauma symptoms are often identified as anxiety and depression and the importance of identifying this and treating the underlying traumatic injury from a wholistic framework.

I believe the essence of therapeutic change and healing is relational. Presence, authenticity and collaboration are values that underpin my work, alongside a resilience and strengths based approach that privileges your experience and the inherent wisdom of your bodymind.

I have particular interests in the overlapping areas of violence and abuse, sexual and reproductive health, grief and loss and trauma. I work with adults.

Sessions are generally for 1 hour and a Medicare rebate ($75.95) is available with a Mental Health Care Plan from a GP. The session fee is $150.  I offer a limited number of bulk billing spaces to HCC holders.

I also offer clinical supervision (in person and via Zoom) and training in Trauma Informed Care, Vicarious Trauma/Self Care and Embodied Practice.

Please note: I am not currently taking new clients. 

Krystie Edwards
Location: 29 Regent Street North, Adelaide CBD, 5000
Appointments available: Mon, Tues & Wed 9am – 5pm. Zoom based Supervision & Training Thurs & Fri.
Mobile: 0413 654 555  Fax: 8127 9525
Email: krystie.edwards@icloud.com

Vina HotichVina Grossmann

I am a Clinical Social Worker with a particular interest in using body-inclusive psychotherapy when working with the effects of trauma, as a means to re-balance and heal the disturbances to mind and body that often result from the impact of traumatic experiences. My second area of special interest is the field of attachment related problems and the repair of those.

In my experience recovery from trauma is possible, and more secure attachment styles can be learned, or re-learned. Creating a therapeutic relationship that allows trust and a sense of security to grow and help the healing is central to my work.

I specialise in working with adults affected by childhood or more recent trauma, working with grief, working with attachment related problems, and working with children, teenagers and their parents on a wide range of  psychological and behavioral problems.

I use  trauma-informed practice, attachment-based therapies, child-centered play therapy, EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy concepts and some ACT and CBT, as my main therapeutic modalities.

I am available to facilitate Circle Of Security Parent groups and other parent education groups.

My private practice is available Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I am currently on leave and will be unable to receive or respond to messages. I will be back at work as of Tue 26th Nov.

Vina Grossmann
Mobile: 0400 017 064
Email: vina@adelaidetraumacentre.com.au

Maxine LongfordMaxine Longford

Maxine is a Psychotherapist, an accredited Mental Health Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers and a clinical supervisor.

Individual counselling and/or group work is influenced by the emerging field of neurobiology and the works of Jon Briere, Judith Herman, Marsha Linehan, Babette Rothschild, Jon Kabat Zinn and Sri Krishnamacharya. Trauma recovery is facilitated by the practices of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Yoga Psychology.

Maxine is a registered meditation and yoga teacher with Yoga Australia and The International Yoga Teachers Association with over 25 years experience and is passionate about the positive benefits of Mindfulness and Yoga, helping clients to recover from the effects of various types of trauma, in particular childhood abuse. Trauma recovery yoga sessions with Maxine are offered to help address issues of stress, anxiety, depression and trauma symptoms.

Maxine Longford
Location: Belair/Norwood
Mobile: 0412867148
Email: maxinelongford@gmail.com

Dr Lesley Porter

Lesley Porter

I am a relationship and trauma therapist and I see individuals, couples and families. With Adelaide Trauma Centre I offer relationship counselling, body sensitive trauma therapy and supervision. I am also an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and work part time as a Mental Health Clinician/Therapist.

I describe my approach as relational narrative therapy. I have a PhD in trauma therapy and the therapeutic relationship and qualifications in Narrative Therapy, Family Therapy, Mental Health & Breast Cancer Care. For me the therapeutic relationship is so important and I see the therapeutic relationship as the holding space for everything that happens in therapy. My therapy practices draw on the client’s resources (body, breath, mind, heart & spirit), their language, strengths, humour, culture and hopes to enter into a place of sense making, inquiry and discovery.

In working with the body and trauma I draw on Pat Ogden and Janina Fisher’s body sensitive approaches, mindfulness based cognitive therapy and mindfulness meditation. My approach assists people experiencing mental and physical health problems and trauma to move towards and into a balance of rest and wellness. I have worked for Relationships Australia in Sydney as a Couple & Child Therapist and in the area of sex therapy & sexual concerns, sexual abuse, domestic and family violence in NSW and SA. In therapy I encourage people to explore their deeper hopes and commitments for relationships and life purposes, while living well with co-existing conditions. My supervision interests include ethical considerations and the way therapists and counsellors discover and make their own unique therapy practices.

I work from Parkside. Concessions are available and Medicare rebates apply with a Chronic Disease Management Plan from a GP and for Supportive Pregnancy Counselling (referral from your GP).

Please Note: I am not currently taking new clients 

Dr Lesley Porter
Location: Parkside SA
Appointments available: Day time & evenings Thursday, Friday
Mobile: 0407040944
Email: drlesley@relationalnarrativetherapy.com.au

Nina Mekisic Nina Mekisic

I am a Clinical Mental Health Social Worker with a background in working with adults, teens, children and families.

I take a holistic approach to coaching and therapy that takes into account the link between body, mind and environment. I work from the foundation of establishing a therapeutic relationship with you that is respectful, kind and collaborative. I will work with you to set goals for therapy that align with your values and the outcomes that you are seeking. My focus is on providing you with practical strategies and tools which fit your particular circumstances.

I am often inspired in my work through witnessing how addressing current challenges within ourselves and our relationships, can lead to healing and growth beyond our experiences of adversity and trauma.

In my practice I utilise my training in a number of therapeutic approaches such as DBT, ACT, narrative therapy and the Gottman Method of relationship therapy.   I also draw from the specific training I have completed in working with trauma which has included training with the Australian Childhood Foundation, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dan Siegel and Kent Hoffman.

I can work with individuals, couples and families. I also see children over 6 years of age.

I have Masters level training in supervision and have worked in roles consulting with schools and other organisations to support them to move towards integrating a trauma informed approach into their practices, policy and procedure.

Sessions are for an hour and medicare rebates are available with a Mental health care plan from your GP. Consulting work is negotiated on a case by case basis.

Nina Mekisic
Location: 29 Regent Street North, Adelaide 5000
Appointments available: Tuesdays & Saturdays and some after hours sessions by arrangement.
Ph: 0432 153 432
Email: ninalmekisic@gmail.com

Tracey Greaves

ITracey Greaves am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and I have 20 years’ experience providing therapeutic counselling services. I have a strong interest in working with trauma related issues, particularly around the impact that trauma has on our sense of ourselves, our minds and bodies and our overall well-being.  I have worked extensively   with adults who have experienced childhood trauma and with people who have experienced abuse in their adult relationships.  I am also experienced in working with depression and anxiety, gender and sexual identity issues, unplanned pregnancy, perinatal health and relationship issues.

I have worked in primary health care, family wellbeing programs, and domestic violence services as well as teaching in the School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy at the University of South Australia and Flinders University.  I work from Narrative Therapy base but also use Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) trauma therapy, Mindfulness based trauma therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

Sessions are generally for 1 hour. Medicare rebates are available for people who have a Mental Health Care Treatment Plan. I reserve some bulk-billing appointments for people who have both a Mental Health Care Plan and a Health Care Card.

Please note: I am not currently taking new clients.

Tracey Greaves
Location: Adelaide
Appointments Available: I offer appointments on Mondays and Fridays.
Mobile:  0410512665
Email: tgreaves34@gmail.com